The Sokolove Solution

Your strategy. Your specialization. Your strengths. Together, they make your firm unique – and allow you to design an equally unique vision for your future. Sokolove Law is here to help you achieve it.

Fast Facts

  • There are dozens of unique campaigns marketed annually
  • Over $2.7 Billion in attorney fees generated
  • We receive almost 300,000 calls and 5,000 emails from potential clients annually
  • Highly trained staff includes nurses and social workers
  • National compliance

When you team up with Sokolove Law, you get cases that are carefully matched to your firm’s specialization. Cases that are generated through customized marketing campaigns. Cases that are screened, vetted and ready to litigate.

We’ve invested heavily in the infrastructure and resources necessary to consistently execute successful campaigns. As such, we are personally invested in your success. No matter how you see the road ahead, Sokolove Law’s proven legal marketing strategy and highly qualified case generation come together to help you make those visions a reality.

How do we make it work for you? It’s a four-part strategy we call the Sokolove Solution.


Leveraging our size, scale, and long-term vendor relationships allows us to negotiate the best media rates for litigation firms like yours. We optimize all media investments – making every media dollar work as hard as it can for your firm. Year after year, Sokolove Law consistently commands an authoritative share of voice on behalf of our co-counsel firms.  Get unprecedented reach for unprecedented results.


Sokolove Law’s best-of-breed screening processes determine which cases are worth your time and that means better conversion and better return on your investment.


Marketing your firm on a national scale means navigating the labyrinth of state rules. But it can cost – in time and resources. Turn to Sokolove Law and let our meticulous attention to state-by-state compliance  give your firm a strategic advantage.

Case Generation

As the nation’s #1 plaintiff case generation firm, Sokolove Law shares your vision and your success.  We have the extensive experience to manage lead generation and case qualification – so you can focus on what’s most important to you: litigation.

Have an Idea?

Sokolove Law can help you transform your ideas into cases. If you’ve had success with a particular case type or practice area and believe that your success is scalable, let us know. If you recognize a potential opportunity and believe there is a repeatable fact pattern, call us. We’ll evaluate the viability of a potential campaign, help you determine if it could be effective and develop a multi-channel marketing plan ready to execute.

Author:Sokolove Law

The Sokolove Law Content Team consists of writers and editors who work alongside the firm’s attorneys and case managers. The team strives to present the most accurate and relevant information for those who need legal help.

Last modified: February 25, 2020