Birth Injury and Medical Malpractice Cases

National Birth Injury & Medical Malpractice Campaign

The incidence of birth injury and medical malpractice claims continues to rise every year, with over 65,000 medical malpractice claims filed annually. As the pioneer in medical malpractice and birth injury case generation, Sokolove Law has generated thousands of medical malpractice cases that have resulted in tens of millions of dollars in gross attorney fees for our co-counsel firms. Position your firm to help more individuals who have suffered a birth injury or medical malpractice injury.

Targeted claims include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Birth defects
  • Failure to diagnose/misdiagnosis
  • Surgical/anesthesia errors
  • Hospital staff neglect

Specialized Nurse Desk

Because of the specialized nature of medical malpractice and birth injury cases, Sokolove Law has established a team of experienced registered nurses to improve conversion and ensure only the highest quality leads are delivered to our co-counsel. The nurse’s desk at Sokolove Law allows our potential clients to speak directly with a registered nurse, enabling us to address both their legal and medical concerns while properly screening each client.

Our results.  Your success.

Sokolove has generated tens of thousands of leads and nearly $50 million in gross attorney fees for its co-counsel firms from birth injury and medical malpractice cases.

Birth Injury Medical Malpractice Campaign Results

As a Sokolove Law co-counsel firm, your funding contribution provides you:

  • All claims generated for your geographic area(s)
  • A significant ROI over time
  • Attractive fee split with our firm


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Last modified: April 18, 2019