Surgical Error

Did a preventable mistake happen during your surgery?

According to the American Medical Association, 98,000 people lose their lives every year as a result of medical error, often due to mistakes that occurred during surgery. It’s every patient’s worst nightmare to wake up from surgery and discover something went wrong. While all surgical procedures carry risk, there are some instances when the outcome could have been prevented and the error is a direct result of negligence on behalf of the doctor performing the procedure.

What are preventable surgical errors?

  • Surgery performed on the wrong site or part of the body
  • Damage to other internal organs
  • Surgical instruments left in the body
  • Improperly managed post-operative complications

These are just a few examples of common surgical errors. The best way to understand if you were a victim of surgical malpractice is to contact us. You can do that by completing the form for a free legal consultation or by calling the phone number listed on this page.


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Last modified: December 28, 2016