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Medical Malpractice – Failure to Diagnose

Was your medical condition incorrectly diagnosed?

Failure to diagnose, as it is known in the medical and legal communities, can be a form of medical malpractice. It occurs when a doctor fails to take the proper steps to correctly diagnose a medical condition. An estimated 126,000 Americans die every year as result of doctors incorrectly diagnosing common medical conditions. When you feel ill and visit your doctor, you go expecting the correct answers. When you undergo tests, you do so anticipating a correct diagnosis. However, if your doctor failed to make the correct diagnosis, then your health could worsen and the outcome could be devastating resulting in large medical bills, loss of income, and even death.

At Sokolove Law we have over 30 years experience helping people who were let down by those they trusted with their health. We may be able to help if your medical condition, or one of a loved one, was not correctly diagnosed. Click through to the appropriate injury page and submit the form specifically designed to help us determine if you have a case and if we can represent you.

If you do not see the Medical Malpractice injury you or your loved one has suffered, we can still determine if you have a case. Submit the form to the right and we’ll let you know if we can represent you.

Failure to Diagnose Case Types



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