Research and Development

At Sokolove Law, our skilled Research and Development team constantly scans the business and litigation landscape, searching for the first hint of an emerging opportunity for our co-counsel firms. Whether it’s a dangerous drug recall or a defective product, we have the experience and intuition to identify areas of high potential – and then respond with swift and decisive action.

Give Your Firm the First Mover Advantage

When new case opportunities arise, time is of the essence. Having an edge means getting advertising up and running before the competition does. Our R&D team scours consumer, business and legal landscapes to identify trends and find opportunities first. We are constantly networking and analyzing emerging litigation and news to deliver you competitive advantage. Sokolove Law knows exactly how to prepare and gather important information in the early stages. Sokolove Law often has campaigns running in-market within days of breaking news. This ability to respond quickly to the ever-changing marketplace helps give our co-counsel firms first-mover advantage, empowering them to keep one step ahead in an increasingly competitive environment.


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Last modified: April 18, 2019