Filing a Disability Claim

Depending on where you are in the claims process, Sokolove Law is here to help. If you have filed a claim and have already received a denial you believe to be unjust, we offer a free, legal consultation to help determine whether you have a case against your insurer.

Filing a Disability Insurance Claim: Dos and Don’ts

After Filing a Claim for Long-term Care or Long Term Disability Benefits:

  • DO follow up quickly on any requests from your insurance company for additional information. Remember, you don’t want to miss any deadlines that will cause you to be denied benefits.
  • DON’T agree to an independent medical examination requested by your insurer without checking your policy first. Remember these exams can be used to deny your claim and are often performed by physicians who are paid by the insurer. Not all policies require independent examinations.
  • DO keep copies of all letters and other correspondence you send or receive from your insurance company, and take detailed notes of every phone conversation you have with the insurer’s representatives.
  • DON’T talk about your claim or your disability online. The insurer will monitor any public forums or social networking sites and can use any information collected on these sites against you.

If Your Claim is denied:

  • DO review your policy to make sure you are eligible under the terms of the contract – even if the insurer tells you that you are not.
  • DO appeal your denial in writing. Each insurance policy typically contains detailed procedures governing the claim review or appeals process. In some cases a letter written in response to the insurance company letting them know that you disagree with their decision is enough to begin the appeals process. However, the process can differ significantly depending on whether it is an Individual policy or a claim subject to ERISA. If you do not appeal or do not follow the process properly, it can lead to an irreversible claims denial.
  • DON’T give up. If you have a legitimate claim, use every means possible to receive the benefits that you may be entitled to.
    Learn more Dos and Don’ts of fighting back against unfair long term disability insurance denial. You can choose to have a FREE, no-obligation long term disability denial legal consultation; our case managers are able to address any concerns you have and show you the next steps. Sign up for your FREE case evaluation or call us today.

Why Hire a Long Term Disability Insurance Attorney?

When confronted with the confusing long term disability insurance claims process, many consumers simply forego what may be owed to them because of the time and effort necessary for making the insurance company pay out. Don’t risk losing your appeal on a technicality or by not having the right information available.

Working with a long term disability claims attorney to advise you and handle your claim gives you peace of mind, making the process easier on you during this difficult time.

Why Sokolove Law?

  • For more than 40 years, Sokolove Law has helped people just like you get the legal support they need, regardless of race or income.
  • Sokolove Law has helped people in all 50 states get the legal support they need to move successfully through our court system. We have helped thousands of people with their long term disability denial appeals.
  • We provide a FREE case evaluation and you only pay us if you are successful in your appeal.


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Last modified: August 11, 2017