Homeowners Insurance Fraud

Are You the Victim of Homeowners Insurance Fraud?

A home insurance policyholder makes payments to companies such as Liberty Mutual, expecting that if their home is damaged, the insurer will pay for repairs. However, the insurers don’t always uphold their end of the agreement — and they may act in bad faith by denying a claim, underpaying it, or delaying it. Insurers do this to increase their own profits.

A lawsuit filed against Liberty Mutual and several other insurers claims these companies may have defrauded homeowners in Southern California and Massachusetts by delaying or withholding claim payments.

Homeowners Insurance Policy: You May Be Entitled to Compensation

If you are a Massachusetts or Southern California homeowner who submitted and resolved a claim in the past three years (from January 1, 2010) on which you were underpaid or received a delayed payment, you may be eligible for a settlement.  The homeowner claims in question are typically for flooding from burst pipes, grease fires, and roof leaks.

Does this settlement affect me?

This settlement may apply to you if:

  • The insurer deliberately didn’t pay out the full amount required
  • Payment wasn’t issued in a timely manner
  • The insurer paid out cash directly to you
  • The insurer paid the wages of a contractor who did the repairs on your home

Be a Part of the Liberty Mutual Settlement

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Last modified: March 6, 2019