HAMP Loan Modification Denial

Home Loan Modification Denied? File a HAMP Lawsuit Today

Did your bank break its promise to permanently modify your mortgage loan under the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)? Are you now at risk of losing your home? Fight back today against wrongful foreclosure and other lending abuses by the banks by joining the many homeowners now filing HAMP lawsuits.

HAMP Lawsuits: Are You Facing Unfair Foreclosure?

HAMP – the Home Affordable Modification Program – was created by the federal government in 2009 to stabilize the nation’s troubled housing market and provide security for homeowners. Under the program, homeowners struggling with mortgages could avoid foreclosure by working with participating lenders to modify their home loans to an affordable level.

However, many homeowners who qualified and participated in HAMP were denied a permanent loan modification by their lender. Instead, loan modification lawyers allege that some banks defrauded borrowers with “trial” modification plans and delaying tactics like lost paperwork to avoid granting permanent loan modifications to homeowners.

HAMP lawsuits have been filed against mortgage lenders for violations that include:

  • Failure of banks to honor agreements to modify loans and prevent foreclosure to HAMP borrowers
  • Denial of permanent modifications to borrowers who comply with trial modification plans
  • Purposefully delaying the modification process by losing paperwork or requesting impossible-to-obtain documents
  • Demanding homeowners send payment with no intention of granting promised permanent loan modifications

Mortgage lenders who violate the program’s rules can be held liable for damages incurred by homeowners. But HAMP lawsuits are complex. An experienced loan modification lawyer can help you file suit for consumer fraud or other deceptive business practices by the banks.

HAMP Lawsuits: Fight Against Your Foreclosure

If you have been denied a permanent loan modification due to the illegal actions of mortgage servicers or banks (including Bank of America, CitiMortgage, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and others), you may be able to file a HAMP lawsuit. Contact Sokolove Law today for a free, no-obligation legal consultation or fill out the form on this page.


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Last modified: April 19, 2019