Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Sued in an Effexor Lawsuit

by Sokolove Law

An Ohio couple has filed an Effexor lawsuit against Wyeth Pharmaceuticals claiming its antidepressant drug caused their daughter to be born with birth defects.

According to the complaint, Lauren Boyer claims that she took Effexor (venlafaxine) while she was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter who had severe heart defects and died soon after she was born. She and her husband, Glen Boyer, claim that the antidepressant was defective, lacked sufficient warnings about its health hazards and was dangerous to human health.

The complaint states that Wyeth knew about the dangerous birth defects associated with Effexor, but withheld them and failed to inform the public of the dangers of the drug. Lauren Boyer contends that if she had known that the antidepressant could cause birth defects, she would have never taken it.

In addition to birth defects, Effexor has also been linked to suicidal thoughts, suicide and incidents of self-harm.

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