New Instagram Privacy Policy Outrages Users

by Sokolove Law

Instagram’s new usage terms offer a very clear picture of the efforts being made by some social media companies to assert control over a user’s personal data.

Legal experts and consumer advocates says the popular photo-sharing service owned by Facebook Inc. is pushing the envelope on user rights with its new privacy policy, according to Reuters. Users who refuse to adapt to Instagram’s new terms have one month to delete their accounts, or they will be bound by the new policy which goes into effect in on January 16.

Instagram’s new terms would allow an advertiser to pay the company to display personal data such as a username, user likeness, photos, and associated metadata — but the user would not be compensated at all. If a user agrees to the terms but later wants to back out, the company could still use and profit from their personal data, according to Reuters.

But there’s more: another clause seems to ignore the rights of minors on the service. And in the wake of a class-action settlement involving Facebook and privacy issues, Instagram has added terms to protect itself from similar litigation by insisting that user agree to go to arbitration to settle legal disputes with the company.

Some users are upset that Instagram would seek to profit from their uploaded content and have complained online about the changes.

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New Instagram Privacy Policy Outrages Users was last modified: December 28th, 2016 by Sokolove Law