Hair Extensions Come With Health Problems

by Sokolove Law

If you plan to go for hair extensions to accentuate your natural beauty, you need to think twice since this trendy beauty treatment may have some ugly side effects.

ABC News reports that a New York neurologist has written an article for Consumer Reports warning about the dangers of hair extensions, which have gained in popularity over the past few years thanks to use by celebrities such Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell, and Jennifer Anniston.

Hair extension, primarily done to add volume and length to hair, may exert a lot of weight on the natural hair resulting in headaches, baldness, and allergic reactions, according to Dr. Orly Avitzur, a medical adviser for Consumer Reports who wrote about the problem of unsafe hair extensions in her magazine column.

Hair extensions may cause permanent hair damage or even a kind of baldness called traction alopecia. The hair loss is believed to be a result of the loosening of the hair shaft from the follicles as well as by chronic inflammation, according to Dr. Avitzur. In worst cases, it can be permanent or cause life-threatening allergic reactions from the glues and chemicals used in the extension application and removal process.

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