Gardasil Victim Files Lawsuit against Merck

by Sokolove Law

The Gardasil vaccine was created with the intention of preventing certain types of human papillomaviruses (HPV), but has unfortunately left many of its users suffering from extreme adverse side effects and in some cases resulting in death.

Naomi Snell of Melbourne, Australia has filed a class action lawsuit against drug manufacturer Merck after suffering neurological and autoimmune disorders from Gardasil,Food Consumer recently reported.

At least seven additional women may join the Gardasil lawsuit claiming that the injections caused them to suffer medical problems such as a miscarriage and anaphylaxis. The article noted that Gardasil is currently being implicated in an increasing number of “serious, permanent and sometimes deadly adverse reactions.”

In the past three years, reports by the FDA show 789 cases of “serious” adverse reactions, 25 cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome, 213 cases of permanent disabilities, and 42 deaths.

The Gardasil side effects are caused in part by genetically engineered virus-like protein particles and aluminum that it contains, both of which can affect immune function. Gardasil has also been connected to a number of severe side effects such as paralysis, speech impairment, and seizures.

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