FDA May Seek Expert Opinions on Energy Drink Risks

by Sokolove Law

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is looking to try a different approach to the growing issue of health problems linked to popular energy drinks: it may seek help from outside experts to determine whether these drinks pose a risk to the health of some consumers.

The New York Times reports that the federal watchdog has received 18 reports of deaths and over 150 cases of injuries that may have been caused by the consumption of these energy drinks. The FDA reports are not clear indicators of whether the drinks were responsible for the injuries and deaths associated with them.

An FDA spokesperson told the Times this is the first time that the agency has sought outside help to assess the possible risk of the drinks to teenagers or consumers with underlying health problems.

The energy drinks under scrutiny are 5-hour Energy, Monster Energy and Red Bull. The makers of these drinks have, however, denied that their products are unsafe and responsible for health issues.

The potential risks posed by high levels of caffeine in the drinks would be the focus of any outside review, according to the Times.

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